Bending the Rules

“We only bend them to get to the nitty gritty”

Developing a product is hard work. It’s expensive and takes a lot of time. This is true in any business but especially in IT. That’s why Bending the Rules takes on a different approach. We like to see where we can skip the B**S** and get to the nitty gritty of things. The real questions. The real goal. Because it’s easy to loose your way in all that tech. What rules can we bend so that we can get to a product as soon as possible?

Working towards a product in this way is called building an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). And it’s a great way to flesh out all the problems early on. Bending the Rules offers development stages you can buy per set. Maybe you just need a concept. Or maybe you’re interested in freshly developed or partly of the-shelf product. From start to finish we can develop your web or app.

Ok great! But when do you call us? Well, when you:

  • Need a great looking and functioning digital product
  • A development approach where your product to-be is completely animated on beforehand. You’ll literally see how it interacts, looks and feels. Even before a single line of code is typed
  • Would like to see where your company can flourish in a digital world where IoT, Big Data, block chain and FinTech is served for breakfast

How we work


“Knowing your business is key to succes”

That’s why we’d love to come over and chat with you. Without getting face-to-face we can’t get to the core of your idea. Besides, we really want to know what makes your business tick.


WORKSHOP contains

  • Defining the problem
  • Asking the right questions (how do we solve it?)
  • How the hell does your business work? Teach us!
  • Brainstorm
  • First thoughts and ideas

WORKSHOP delivers

  • Visual concept
  • MVP Roadmap
Package price €900 | Single price €1.500

Animated Visual Product

“You don't get the feeling of the product by staring at stills”

Interaction & user experience design that’s what is all about. Brought to you in visually stunning way by animating the complete product. You don’t get the feeling of the product by staring at stills. That’s why we bring the AVP. Animated Visual Product.

Coding is a strange profession, but we love it! Coding means getting in your nerd-zone, and once that happens people start to smell funny and are somehow incapable of communicating like a normal person. It’s not a pretty sight. For that reason we want to stay away from it until we’re completely ready to dive. The zone requires full preparation.

Interaction & user experience design delivers:

  • Animated product. This means you actual see what will be build and how it interacts
  • Visual design. The complete look and feel of the product
  • User interaction design
  • Getting the product defined and ready to build
Package price €4.950 | Single price €6.000

Minimal Viable Product

“It's time to build”

Once the idea is really clear and the Animated product showed all the weaknesses and errors it’s time to build. Together we decide how much time is spend on the MVP.

MVP delivers

  • iOS or web prototype. Your app or website ready to be tested on your audiance.
  • Feedback from your audiance.
  • Finetuning and delivery
Package price €10.500 | Single price €16.500

Customer Insights

It's big data time!

Congratulations! You have an MVP. Now what? This is the moment to really think through what the possibilities are. Because in the end you want to deliver the best possible experience  and most probably want to make money with it.

Customer Insights delivers

  • Incorporating Analytics
  • Big Data time.


Package price €1.150 | Single price €1.800

Full product roadmap

“We love it when a plan comes together”

You know those movies where friends take a roadtrip and get wasted, expose their bodies to all sorts of weirdness, get into strange adventures and finally figure out who they are and what they want in life? It’s like that, but without the thrills… Sigh…welcome to IT.


  • From MVP to full product requirements
  • Pricing
Package price €500 | Single price €950